Applications are now open for Youth Business International Bootcamp

Bootcamp participants will have the exclusive opportunity to be shortlisted for the Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and win monetary prizes. There are three categories.

  • Social entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs leading a business with the primary goal of addressing and solving societal challenges, e.g. poverty, inequality, education, and healthcare.
  • Climate entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs leading a business with the primary goal of combatting climate change and its associated challenges, working in areas such as energy efficiency, carbon capture, waste management, sustainable agriculture, water resource management, climate adaptation, etc.
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs leading a business which integrates economic, social and environmental considerations into its core operations and decision-making.

What do we mean by Impact Entrepreneurship and High Growth Potential?

Impact Entrepreneurship: Businesses make efforts to create, develop, and sustain business models that pursue social or environmental goals as an integral part of the model, together with financial success.

High Growth Potential: Businesses are those that can grow in the future by selling more products and services to existing customers or by acquiring new customers quickly.

Youth Business International Bootcamp is available exclusively to young entrepreneurs who have been supported by a YBI member. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be born between 1 November 1989 and 1 January 2006 to enter.
  • You must be receiving support or have received support within the last 24 months from a YBI member.
  • You must be an Entrepreneur / Business Owner of a business within the Impact Entrepreneurship (see definition below) space.
  • Your business must be at least three years in operation with evidence of multiple projects being launched to market.
  • The financial analysis of your business must show evidence to support the argument that the business has High Growth Potential.
  • Your business must have the potential to win one of the three Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards categories.