Project Description

GROWTH is a pioneering Erasmus+ project designed to invigorate and empower European youth through positive entrepreneurial initiatives. GROWTH uses the transformative power of training curricula and innovative e-learning methodologies to equip young individuals, including those from economically challenged backgrounds, with the essential tools and skills needed for successful entrepreneurship.

This project is not just about business education; it’s a holistic approach to nurturing the self-concepts, positive emotions, resilience, and thriving of Europe’s youth. GROWTH aims to light a path to entrepreneurship that is accessible, sustainable, and enriched with mentorship and community support. By integrating cutting-edge training courses and game-based learning tools, the project seeks to make the journey into entrepreneurship as engaging and effective as possible.

Our Objectives

  • Foster an understanding of youth entrepreneurship across different cultures and countries.
  • Provide comprehensive training and mentorship, supporting youth in developing essential entrepreneurial skills.
  • Facilitate the sharing of tools and methods that encourage entrepreneurial activities.
  • Assist in building entrepreneurial expertise and competencies among youth, promoting creativity, adaptability, and proactive business strategies.
  • Enhance mutual learning and exchange of good practices in the field of entrepreneurial learning.

Our Impact

The GROWTH project is set to have a profound and lasting impact on its participants and the broader community. By empowering young individuals with fewer opportunities, the project aims to reduce regional disparities and contribute to sustainable economic growth. The innovative training methods and tools developed through GROWTH will not only enhance the participants’ entrepreneurial skills but also foster a strong sense of self-worth and resilience. Additionally, the project’s focus on international and cross-sector partnerships will create a vibrant network of young entrepreneurs, equipped to face the challenges of the modern business world and drive positive change in their communities.

Work Packages

This work package focuses on the overall coordination and management of the GROWTH project. It involves overseeing the project’s progress, ensuring that objectives are met within the set timelines, and maintaining effective communication among all partners.

The second work package is dedicated to developing the GROWTH Handbook and Training Curricula. This involves creating comprehensive educational materials and courses tailored to the needs of young entrepreneurs. The handbook will serve as a guide, covering key entrepreneurial concepts, while the training curricula will provide detailed, step-by-step instructions and resources for effective entrepreneurial education.

This work package focuses on the development and implementation of a gamified platform, designed to make learning about entrepreneurship interactive and engaging. Alongside this, a mentoring program will be established, pairing experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals with young participants, providing them with valuable guidance, support, and real-world insights. WP3 aims to:

  • Develop an intuitive and engaging online platform that gamifies the learning process.
  • Implement a mentoring program that connects participants with experienced entrepreneurs for real-world insights and guidance.
  • Create a supportive environment that encourages practical learning and the application of entrepreneurial concepts.

Work Package 4 involves the creation of a toolkit for youth workers and youth organizations. This toolkit will equip them with the resources and methodologies needed to support young entrepreneurs effectively. Key features include:

  • Practical tools and resources tailored to support young entrepreneurs.
  • Guidelines and best practices for fostering entrepreneurial skills among youth.
  • Strategies and methodologies for effective youth engagement and empowerment in entrepreneurship.

WP5 is focused on the dissemination of the project’s outcomes and findings. This includes sharing the developed materials, insights, and best practices with a broader audience to maximize the project’s impact. Activities will involve organizing workshops, conferences, and creating online content to reach stakeholders, educators, and potential entrepreneurs across Europe.