Rising Young Innovators

GROWTH: An Innovative Approach to Engage European Youth in
Positive entrepreneurial initiatives

Our objectives

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Clarify the meaning of youth entrepreneurship
Identify methods needed to implement entrepreneurial initiatives
Assist youth to build up entrepreneurial skills
Help youth develop sustainable projects by providing training
Help youth identify and assess business opportunities and provide them appropriate training opportunities
Exchange good practices and mutual learning in the field of entrepreneurial among youth and workers

Implementation and expected results


The GROWTH project intends to perform the following main expected activities:
– an analysis report based both on the existing literature and good practices for youth entrepreneurial initiatives
– an innovative blended training course and material for youth in order to develop and enhance their self-concepts, specific competences and skills
– the “GROWTH” Toolkit for Youth Workers
– an e-learning platform with Digital Board Game
– a mentoring program designed and applied by Youth Workers & Mentors


The main expected project result of GROWTH is to set the basis for the implementation of sustainable innovative ideas and business plans, designed and derived from young individuals, guided by Youth Workers, that will allow them grow as young entrepreneurs, develop their skills, boosting their self-concepts, highlighting the importance of positive psychology, and bring them closer to entrepreneurship.

Experienced Mentors
Learning Initiatives