Our Valued Partners​

Welcome to the heart of collaboration! At Growth, we take immense pride in our strategic partnerships. These alliances are the cornerstone of our success, amplifying the impact of our initiatives. Together with our esteemed partners, we are on a mission to invigorate and empower European youth through entrepreneurship. Each partner brings unique expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence, creating a synergy that propels us toward shared success. Explore the profiles below to learn more about the incredible organizations driving positive change alongside us.


Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. is a dynamic non-profit cultural association based in central Italy, founded by young leaders experienced in international exchanges. Committed to principles of equality, human rights, and democracy, the organization focuses on environmental sustainability, active democratic participation, and fostering artistic and entrepreneurial talents. Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. actively engages in youth exchanges, mentoring, and initiatives that promote cultural understanding and integration. Their involvement in Erasmus+ projects emphasizes quality assessment and innovation in educational practices.

Balkan Bridge

Balkan Bridge focuses on uniting Balkan societies through professional training, networking, and research. Aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem, they offer consultancy, skill development training, and corporate training for empowerment. Balkan Bridge is committed to social inclusion, educational excellence, and develops innovative training materials and IT tools. Their activities target individuals, SMEs, industries, and educational institutes, promoting European values and regional cooperation.

Innovation Hive

Located in Larissa, Greece, Innovation Hive is a non-profit organization focused on championing open innovation across various domains. Their primary mission is to bridge the gap between the youth and society by developing new methods and facilitating youth involvement. They offer a multitude of services, such as youth training, consultancy sessions, and research aimed at youth-centric policies. The organization’s extensive expertise covers areas like business innovation, youth entrepreneurship, social inclusion, and sustainable development, among others.

Education and Social Innovation Centre of Austria

Based in Vienna, the Education and Social Innovation Centre of Austria (ESICA) is an NGO focused on social innovation, inclusion, and equality. ESICA engages in research and project development across social, cultural, educational, and environmental sectors. They emphasize non-formal education in social innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly for underprivileged groups. ESICA's activities include knowledge generation, solution-focused concepts, and promoting labor market participation for social inclusion, aligning with European education and innovation policies.

Connect Your City - Brussels

Connect Brussels, a Belgian non-profit, actively engages European youth in civil life through creative activities, activism, and volunteering. It aims to foster democratic participation, strengthen European identity, and promote a culture of diversity, social pluralism, and solidarity. The organization focuses on skill development through interactive events and workshops, supporting vulnerable social groups and advocating for gender equality and social inclusion. Emphasizing unity, creativity, and empowerment, Connect Brussels strives to be a central hub for European Youth, nurturing active European citizenship and a unified Europe.

Eurospeak Limited

Eurospeak, initially a UK-based English language school, expanded with Eurospeak Ireland, focusing on educational technology. They offer online English courses, including Business English and IELTS preparation, and develop innovative e-learning tools. Committed to supporting disadvantaged groups, Eurospeak is active in Erasmus+ projects promoting inclusivity. They also provide EU funding services and multilingual translation, leveraging a diverse team of experts to create quality educational materials.

Innovation Bee

Innovation Bee, a B2B technology company based in Greece, specializes in offering cutting-edge IT research services and integrated solutions. Their mission revolves around designing web & mobile applications to assist businesses in navigating the challenges of the digital age. Their key areas of expertise include blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and other innovative-driven solutions, ensuring that businesses remain competitive and relevant in the modern market.